Diploma Course

Diploma Course is to help the Christian obtain a vision from the Lord. Below is topic discussed.

To help students to grasp the concept of Christian education and to put it into practice at home, school and church.  This course is for parents, teachers, pastors and church workers.

Fee: Free Will Offering


  1.           The Study of the Bible
  2.           Educating Our Children
  3.           Quality Education
  4.           Humanism  and Education
  5.           The Bible and Education
  6.           Quality Teaching
  7.           Quality Counseling
  8.           Gospel Ministry
  9.          Learning to Learn
  10.          Laws of Success
  11.         Accomplishing the Great Commission
  12.         To the End of the Earth
  13.          Parents’ Education


To obtain a diploma or a certificate from the International House University,  students need to write 2 reflection papers and  reports on the following books:

Introduction to Quality Education

Guidelines for Building Quality Churches